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text & numbers

A composition generated by the space it occupies.

The title is a reference to the aspect ratio of √2 used in standard european paper sizes. This ratio
has the unique property that when cut or folded in half widthwise, the halves also have the same
aspect ratio. Each paper size is one half of the area of the next size up.

The numbers identify the various standard sizes of paper (A0 to A8). Each number is positioned
centrally on its appropriate sheet size.

The spiral distribution of the numbers is a mathematical consequence of the generation of each successive sheet within the A0 Standard sheet.

The font size and colour intensity of each number are also determined by the same ratio - as one decreases the other increases at each stage by the ratio.

The grids defining the individual sheets are omitted, the numbers are left to float in their created space.

One point four one four two
Framed digital print in cyan on 308 gsm fine art paper
841 x 1189 cm

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